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The Hour of the Mystery Puffin

Mystery PuffinMusume Senshi’s Astrologer in Residence has calulated the Auspicious Hour for the launch of what we affectionately term Project X, or the Arrival of the Mystery Puffin.

So if you were thinking of getting up with the first rays of dawn to see what is coming – well it won’t be there yet. And that isn’t because we are all lazy nebou (Japanese for the more familiar Shakespearean term slug-a-bed) but because of this. We already knew that the Auspicious Day was Monday, but this is what our Resident Astrologer says about the hour:

I think I like around 10 Pacific time the best
Even though there will be a Void of Course Moon….
Which can also mean that things go smoothly
And she is in Cancer…which is a really good place for her
And axiomatically, the Moon does still function in Cancer, even when she is Void of Course but, it puts things in a good house and by then the Moon is freeing herself from being Combust. She has moved around 5 degress from the Sun.
And her last aspect is a conjunction with Mati (Mercuria) which is good for us.

We know you understood all that (so could you drop us a quick note to explain it to us?)

Anyoldhow! The upshot is: call in at 10pm Pacific Time to find out what the Mystery Puffin has to reveal!