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A Mother’s Love

One of the scariest and most frustrating things that happens when taking care of a baby is when they cry and cry, and it seems like there is nothing that can stop the crying.  This is the situation that the girls face in the most recent episode of DokiDoki Precure, episode 34.  Ai-chan was in a bad mood, and she would not stop crying.  This situation was even worse, because when Ai-chan cried, it decreased all of the girls powers and increased the Powers of the minions of the Selfish Kingdom.

Ai-chan cryingThe girls try everything to make Ai-chan happy again, but nothing works.  When the girls were frustrated and exhausted Mana-chan’s mother and Rikka-chan’s mother come in and ask what is wrong.  We then hear stories of Mana-chan’s and Rikka-chan’s childhood.  By a strange bit of serendipity, this week there was a Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge: DNA Analysis about the exploration of traits and teachings that are past down through the generations.  The reason that this is a strange bit of serendipity is that this is a major theme in this episode.

Both Mana-chan and Rikka-chan learn things from their mothers that helps them handle Ai-chan’s crying.  This is Rikka-chan’s episode to power-up, however.  Of all of the characters, Rikka-chan most directly follows in the footsteps of her mother.

Rikka-chan and her mother

It seems to me that DokiDoki Precure has been an exploration of love, in its many different forms.  Each of the four beginning characters represents a material element, which corresponds with their card suit.  Cure Heart/Mana-chan is water, Cure Sword/MakoPi-chan is air, Cure Rosetta/Alice-chan is fire, and Cure Diamond/Rikka-chan is earth.  While water is the most obvious element representing love, each of the four initial characters also manifest love in the manner of their element.  Cure Heart/Mana-chan manifests love primarily through service (water), Cure Sword/MakoPi-chan manifest love through song (air), and Cure Rosetta/Alice-chan manifests love through protection (fire).

Rikka-chan comforting Ai-chanCure Diamond/Rikka-chan is earth, and she manifests love in very practical ways, and as I mentioned earlier, she directly follows in the footsteps of her earthly mother.  She wants to be a doctor, like her mother when she grows up, as I discussed in a previous article,  The Heart of a Healer.  In this episode, she learns from her own mother how to care for a baby, and how to understand the needs of a baby.  Clues from both her mother and Mana-chan’s mother helped Rikka-chan to understand that Ai-chan was frightened by the battles she was seeing.  Through her understanding, she was able to soothe Ai-chan, and she powered up with a new attack.

Over and over in this series, we are seeing how love is passed along.  We can only love when we have received love.  In Rikka-chan’s case, as earth, she learned love from her earthly mother, and she in turn, passes that love along to her patients and to Ai-chan in the form of earthly, practical care.

I wonder what will happen next.  We are left with the mystery of Ai-chan and with the question of why her crying powers up the side of evil.  When the girls ask this question, the Princess appears in the mirror.  Oh, yes, there is another thing I noticed.  Have you seen in the new opening sequence, Cure Ace and Regina-san appear together?  When we learned about Aguri-chan’s background, I had given up on Cure Kiyoku’s earlier theory about Cure Ace and Regina-san, as she wrote in her article, Who Is Cure Ace?  Yet, there does seem to be some connection with Ai-chan and the Princess.  I wonder how all of this is going to tie together.

Cure Ace and Regina-san

The Heart of a Healer

With each episode of DokiDoki Precure, I am more and more impressed by it.   This show has been exploring topics that confound Western scholars and theologians.

Do I Want to be a DoctorIn the previous episodes, each of the Precure have been tested one by one, and each has been challenged by Cure Ace.  First Cure Happy regarding her love for Regina-san, and next Cure Sword regarding her love for singing.  Last week, we explored the protective side of love with Cure Rosetta.  This week, in doki doki episode 26, it was Cure Diamond’s turn.

Rikka-chan (Cure Diamond’s civilian identity) has always wanted to be a doctor, like her mother.  Yet, this week, Rikka-chan must face the question of whether this is really her dream.

Rikka-chan and Ira-sanAs she was pondering this question, Ira-san, one of the villains from the Selfish Kingdom, appears before her wounded and without memory of who he was.  Almost without thinking, Rikka-chan takes him home and takes care of him.  Later, as Ira-san was healing, but still without memory, Cure Ace challenges Rikka-chan on her actions, and tries to defeat Ira-san.  Rikka-chan protects Ira-san against Cure Ace.

Next another villain arrives, Gula-san, and Rikka-chan continues to protect Ira-san.  Rikka-chan gains her new powers.  Ira-san does recover his memories, and then he does return to the Selfish Kingdom.  Despite the fact that Ira-san has returned to the Selfish Kingdom, Rikka-san smiles and is happy that he is healed.

Cure Diamond Powered UpThis is a really complex issue.  Rikka-san heals even her enemy, and she is happy he is healed even though this meant that he went back to being evil and her enemy.  I do not think that this is something we can really understand with logic or reason,  but I think that this is the mark of a true healer.  Her actions were right, though.  In the feminine Scripture, the Clew of Love says:

How shall the soul attain to Love?

Let her open herself to every creature in compassion and in care.

Let her seek to do no harm to any being.

Let her love extend even to those who do her hurt.

For perfect love is perfect knowledge and perfect knowledge is perfect love.

I also found interesting the Vow that Cure Ace taught Cure Diamond, “A Precure must trust herself and never regret her actions.”  This is the English translation.  As I am not one of the girls here who speaks Japanese, I do not know the actual Japanese.

Why does Cure Ace say that a Precure must always trust herself and never regret her actions?  It is a curious vow.  I think that the key for us to understand this is that when Cure Diamond protected Ira-san, she said that if she did not protect Ira-san while he was wounded, she would regret it later.

Cure Diamond standing up to Cure Ace

I do not think that Cure Ace was saying that Precures trust themselves as individuals, but that they trust the instincts of their Function as Precures.  In this case, Rikka-san was also trusting in her healer’s Heart.  She knew, deep in her Heart, that it was wrong to allow harm to a patient under her care, while he was under her care.

Ira-sanOnce he recovered his memories, Ira-san did return the favor and surreptitiously helped the girls in the next battle.  Still, Ira-san is still a part of the Selfish Kingdom, and Cure Ace wisely cautioned Cure Diamond to be careful of him in the future.

At the end, though, there was a hint in Ira-san’s eyes that Rikka-san’s act of mercy touched him in some way.

I wonder what is going to happen next?

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