Group self-policing – how innocence is arrested

Innocence will be - dealt with
Innocence will be – dealt with

Here is a true story.

In the Carribean, fishermen throw the crabs they catch into a large bucket. They do not seal it or put a lid on it because they know how crabs behave. Every time a crab manages to climb nearly out of the bucket, the others will pull it back.

Perfect self-policing. In the morning the fisherman can come back knowing that not one crab will have escaped.

This same group self-policing instinct is very evident in any attempt to return to innocence. The Lolita movement in the West, for example, attracts many girls who want to escape the coarseness and harshness of modern Western culture and to embrace something sweet and innocent. Clearly they are trying to get out of the bucket! Something must be done!

In recent years we see Lolita sites advocating coarse language and decrying anyone who tries to move beyond the mere “fashion” aspect to having high standards and values. That is “judgmental” and must be stopped.

the-trap-onepanelThe irony of the word “judgmental” here is extreme, since this is clearly a crab-like group self-policing action. Anyone who tries to get out of the slop-bucket of modern western culture must be rounded up and made an example of. She must be pulled back into the bucket or at least be intimidated into keeping very quiet.

Various blogs that started out advocating purity and demureness have changed to reflect the views of the Goblin Police. People are browbeaten into believing that wrong is right and right is wrong (conscience inversion)  because that is what the surrounding culture believes.

Or else they feel they had better wear the right mask in order to fit in, or at least be left alone. But the trouble with masks is, if you wear them long enough they become your face.

And very soon you are part of the Goblin Police; helping to round up the next “offender” – if not by actively bullying her, at least by showing her that she can expect no support from your quarter, that there is nowhere to turn; nowhere that supports and nurtures true innocence, so she had better just come along quietly.

Yes, O mighty and sanctimonious Goblin Police. I have strayed from the paths of wrongeousness, and I am not coming back.

That is one of the reasons for this site. To show that there is support for innocence and a real case for it. That the bullies, the foul-mouths, and the Goblin Police are just plain wrong.

We are allowed to aspire to innocence and loveliness in a world that worships darkness and coarseness – and we are right to do so.

In the name of all that is pure and true, we defy the Goblin Police now and forever!

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3 thoughts on “Group self-policing – how innocence is arrested

  1. Oh oh! Thank you for this article! It can be so confusing when there is no support for trying to be good, and when you are good, it is seen as silly or wrong. Heee….defy the Goblin Police! I like it!

  2. I just want to say I am sooooo happy to see others out there with this mindset! At least with this I know that warriors for innocence still stand.

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