Magical Girls are For Real

sailormoonMagical girls might seem a little unreal in some ways.

It is true that in everyday life we very often don’t see girls in elaborate and stylish costumes unleashing spells against the forces of darkness.

However, many of the things that seem most contrived and unrealistic about Magical Girl stories are in fact very true and very much a part of our daily existence.

Servants of Evil

One of the features of the Magical Girl story that seem most unreal to the modern Western mind are Evil Villains. Surely there aren’t really people who want the whole world to have a Bad Ending rather than a Happy Ending (the deliberately storybook terms used in Smile Precure), or who want the flower in each of our hearts to wither and die.

Surely real villains are complex individuals, not devoted to something they themselves recognize as bad. That would be the Western view. It isn’t untrue exactly, but it is (as Western thinking tends to be) over-literal.

What we – the true Magical Girl in each of us – is called upon to fight is not this or that individual, but the forces of evil.

But what are these forces of evil? Who wants a Bad Ending? Who really wants the world to be dark coarse and ugly rather than bright and beautiful?

How about Post-Modern culture as a whole? How many times have you heard something praised for being “dark” or sneered at for being “too nice”? How many times have you heard coarse words and coarse attitudes openly used and unashamedly defended? How much cruelty and nastiness is there in most modern “entertainment”? And what does all this do to our heart-flowers?

Because of course we really have heart-flowers. It is a metaphor, naturally, but a very true one. Other metaphors can be, and are, used. But ultimately what is at stake is our precious, beautiful, innocent souls.

And yes – there are evil villains who hate beauty and goodness just because it is beautiful and good and who glory in darkness and coarseness for their own sake. Just flip through a few internet sites and you’ll find dozens of them! They are deeply embedded in the current culture of the West.

Transformation Scenes

cardcaptor-sakuraWhen the time comes Magical Girls to stand up against these villains, they transform. Their preparation for battle has a strong element of beautiful, striking costume.

Surely this part is just unrealistic fantasy directed at young girls.

Well again, it depends how literal-minded you are. If you look at what it actually means, it is not unrealistic at all. It is perfectly correct.

Defending our innocence is defending our right to beauty – neither drab and scruffy nor “sexy” (the only type of feminine beauty that is respected in the current West), nor perverse and morbid – but good in every sense. Noble, innocent, beautiful, feminine and, yes, kawaii.

Aren’t these all the things the dark’n’coarse brigade like least? And with good reason. In the name of the moon, we will break their attempts to corral and control us into their dismal ways!

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