Cure Ace and Regina-san

I finally saw episode 45 of DokiDoki Precure, and it was VERY exciting.  I have to admit I was a little naughty.  It took a while for the English subtitles to come out, and I got a little grumpy waiting.  I had to remember what Cure Dolly taught us about being grateful for things and not complaining.  It is really wonderful for us that there are people who translate Precure and give us subtitles, so that those of us who do not speak Japanese well enough can still watch.  I did watch it raw while I was waiting for the subtitles, but I really did not understand much.

Cure Ace vs Regina-san

Anyways, it turns out that Cure Ace and Regina-san ARE the Light and Dark sides of the Princess!  In Deanic/Filianic thealogy, we would call them the True and False Selves of the Princess.  I have noticed that this a rather common theme in Precure.  In Heartcatch Precure, Cure Moonlight had to battle Dark Precure, who was created by her father from her substance, specifically to be her enemy.  In addition, all of the girls had to do battle with their False Selves as a test before they could level up to be strong enough to face Dune.  In Smile Precure, there was an episode where the girls had to battle Dark versions of themselves as well.

Selfish MinionEven though this is a common theme in Precure, in DokiDoki, there are some interesting twists.  One of the twists was that the other Minions of Darkness were standing on the sidelines, and they were perfectly willing to attack Regina-san to steal the Dragon Glaive, even though she was supposedly on the same side as them.  The Dark is not very good at being loyal to its own, it seems.

Cure Heart protecting Regina-sanAnother interesting twist is that Regina-san does not seem completely Dark.  In Heartcatch Precure, we could feel some sympathy for Dark Precure, but she was still Dark.  Yet, Regina-san has her moments of being Light, and Mana-chan/Cure Heart has been working hard to try to redeem her.  Also, Cure Ace seems to think that she is supposed to annihilate Regina-san; however, Cure Heart protected Regina-san.  I have a strong suspicion that it is a lot more complicated than that.  I wonder if Cure Ace needs to embrace and love Regina-san.  That has happened before in Precure as well.

I wonder what is going to happen next.  It looks like there will not be a new episode this week, but the next episode will be a week from now.    It seems from the previews that we are going to learn what happened to Trump Kingdom.

About Cure Kiyoku

I am just a girl who has recently discovered the joys and excitement of some very wonderful Anime series and loves video games. Like all Senshi, my powers have come upon me by surprise, and I find new ones after my toughest battles.

2 thoughts on “Cure Ace and Regina-san

  1. It is getting SO exciting isn’t it? I have always been suspicious of the claim that Regina-san is King Jikochuu’s daughter. If she is the “dark half” or false self of the Princess, then unless the Princess is the Dark King’s daughter then Regina-san can’t be either – presumably.

    But then again, who – or what – is King Jikochuu? I suppose there is a sense in which the True self is the daughter of Heaven and the false self the daughter of Hell. But since we are all really daughters of Heaven, that is why the false self is called false!

    I am not sure if that is right, but isn’t it fascinating how this show poses so many deep questions, not about merely-human “character development” but about the spiritual foundations of life. I suspect it is the narrowness of the twin religions of Christianity and Atheism that makes this sort of thing impossible in the West – that and sheer ignorance of anything beyond the material plane!

  2. It really is exciting, isn’t it? DokiDoki is amazingly deep, I think!

    I really do wonder what is going to happen. In the previews, I seem to remember that there was some indication that somehow the birth of King Selfish was linked to something done by the Princess. I could be wrong about that.

    Yes, “character development” is really a very shallow way to see these things, especially, when there are such deep metaphysical and spiritual teachings in these shows. Of course, it is fun to watch the characters grow and develop. They do become our friends in many ways. You are right though, Cure Dolly, in that there is SO much more to these stories!

    I agree that this is a bit of a difficulty in Western thought, and that it can be difficult to understand without some basic grounding in metaphysics. In the East, there has not been the indoctrination into Rationalism that there was in the West, so Eastern children can understand things that Western scholars have difficulty with!

    (I am sure that children do not understand all of the fine points; however, I think that there is an understanding that is not present in the West)

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