How to get Japanese Input on Kindle Fire (without rooting)

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About Cure Tadashiku

Cure Tadashiku is the fairly-secret identity of authoress and space-alien Annalinde Matichei. Her powers are not listed so as not to spoil the surprise for the demons.

3 thoughts on “How to get Japanese Input on Kindle Fire (without rooting)

  1. でも、どうしてキュア正しくさんはキンドルのホームスクリーンに怖い虫がありますか?「こわい」は「かわいい」じゃありませんね!
    But why is there a scary bug on your homescreen? Scary isn’t cute [kowai isn’t kawaii] is it?

    1. 実はその「怖い虫」はカブトです。それは最高な日本語野辞書でう。
      Actually that “scary bug” is Kabuto. It is absolutely the best Japanese dictionary

      EDIT: I wrote that on my Kindle for a test. It works fine doesn’t it? But the site didn’t recognize me even though I put my email address in. Hence the funny default avatar.

      Incidentally, I couldn’t find this site on Bing even though I put the full address in, so I decided to change Kindle’s default search engine to Google. I had no idea where to find the search engine settings on Kindle so I was tempted to switch the device back to English to look for them. I resisted the temptation and succeeded in changing the default search engine.

      プリキュア! 正しい雷!
      Precure! Righteous Thunder! [Tadashii kaminari}

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