Regina-san and Free Will

I have just seen the most recent episode of DokiDoki Precure, and the story is getting fascinating.  For those who are not up-to-date with DokiDoki Precure, this article will contain some spoilers, I am afraid.  At the time of the writing of this article, DokiDoki Precure, Episode 20 has just aired and has left us with a bit of a cliffhanger.  Actually, that is quite the understatement, it has left us with a huge cliffhanger.  As has been discussed previously on this site, the main premise behind DokiDoki Precure is an exploration of selfless love and selfishness.  This premise is also intertwined with the premise of Free Will.  Until recently, in each episode, the victim has tried to resist her selfish thoughts before they were amplified by the Forces of Darkness.

Regina-sanThere has been a new character from the Selfish Kingdom, though, who seems to have the ability to steal people’s hearts without an obvious opening.  This is Regina-san.  Regina-san is King Selfish’s daughter.  She is quite interesting in that she started off almost unaware that there was any alternative to selfishness.  Her morality is almost at the level of a very little child, a child who has not yet learned  to distinguish between right and wrong.  She just knows what she wants. Regina-san with Crystals

Mana-san has taken her under her wing as her friend, but Mana-san’s real role seems to be that of a senpai or big sister.  Mana-san has taken it upon herself to teach Regina-san how to be part of a group or a community.  Up until the present episode, Regina-san has been a bit of a difficult student, to say the least.  She has tried to separate Mana-san from the other Precure girls in order to attempt to be Mana-san’s only friend.

She made her first true moral choice at the end of Episode 19, and she makes the wrong moral choice.  She breaks her promise and betrays her friendship with Mana-san.  Yet, then in Episode 20, she repents, apologizes, and corrects her previous misdeed!

Regina-san giving back crystals

It is interesting that King Selfish’s daughter, Regina-san, is the pivotal character in this analysis of Free Will.  In this story, Free Will is the power to make moral choices, and the right moral choice is a selfless act, not a selfish one.  This is in stark contrast to the Western understanding of Free Will, which tends to be a belief in the freedom to do whatever we want.  Yet, in this series, when people selfishly try do what they want without consideration of others, it leaves them open to be used and to be controlled by the villains.

We are left at the end with a trailer to Episode 21, and with the promise that a new Precure will manifest.  I wonder if Regina-san will emerge as this new Precure.  There is certainly precedent for a villain to become a Precure.  See Is Innocence Safe?  Sadly, we will have to wait until next week to find out.

About Cure Yasashiku

I am a student of Japanese, an astrologer and a housewife. I also knit, crochet, garden and study Swedish, Latin, and Classical Greek. My 正体 (shoutai) is Cynthia Thinnes and I write for the blog, Mormor's Backporch. はじめまして。占星術師や主婦です。趣味は編み物や庭いじりです。下手でも日本語が出来ます。スウェーデン語もラテン語も勉強しています。よろしくお願いします。

4 thoughts on “Regina-san and Free Will

  1. It really is a cliffhanger isn’t it? I saw it at Japanese broadcast time without subtitles and later with Japanese subbies, and greenies! My heart was in my mouth the first time and even in my mouther the second!

    It is hard to be sure Regina-san has really reformed, isn’t it? Why has she lost her powers? Because they were connected to her selfishness? Or was it something to do with seeing the Princess – or maybe both since seeing the Princess was what seemed to change her.

    I’m betting the new Precure will be Regina. It’s kind of a scary thought though, isn’t it? And what will her fairy be like? And does the Fate that chooses Precures know that they will stay good? The existing ones I think are fundamentally incorruptible. But what about Regina-san?

    1. Oh, I know. This is really exciting. Once Sieren became a Precure in Suite Precure, she was VERY solid. Regina-san does a lot more waffling back and forth than Sieren ever did, and she also seems much less mature than Sieren. Sieren was actually rather grown up in many ways, whereas Regina-san has the moral maturity of a very, very small child.

      It will be interesting to see what happens.

  2. Oh oh! I just watched episode 21. It is getting very exciting. The Precures have both Regina-chan AND the Princess! It is interesting that Regina-chan had to be willing to sacrifice herself to save Cure Heart. From the trailer to episode 22, it is looking more and more like Regina-chan will become the new Precure!

  3. Oh my, this is really becoming interesting! It looks like Regina-san is NOT the new Precure! Regina-san was re-corrupted by her father, King Selfish. I wonder who Cure Ace is?

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