Is Innocence Safe?

hummy-yes“I am naive, that is why I get hurt so much.”  I do not know about anyone else, but I have heard that a lot.  One of the biggest arguments against being innocent is that it not safe.  People tend to accept the belief that innocence and naivety equate with vulnerability as true, without even questioning this.  Is this really true though?  Suite Precure has an answer to this question.  That answer is: No! It is not true at all.  In fact, it is the opposite that is true.  It is cynicism, not innocence, which leaves a person vulnerable!

****For those of you who have not seen Suite Precure, you may want to wait to read this article.  This is a BIG, BIG, BIG SPOILER!  Just to let you know, I am writing about episode 21 of Suite Precure***

Hummy's like that

In Suite Precure, the fairy that helps the girls out is Hummy.  She is a sweet little cat and songstress.  She is also quite innocent and naive.

On the side of evil is another cat and songstress, Seiren.  We find out in the series that Seiren used to be good, and her and Hummy used to be good friends.  Seiren was smart and quite cynical.  In the first episode, Seiren calls Hummy an “airhead,” and Hummy told her, “thank you.”  Seiren’s reply was that this was NOT a compliment.

Hummy and AphroditeHummy never stops believing in their friendship though.  She believes in it so much that she ends up handing over a big victory to the side of evil, when Seiren tricks her into believing that she turned good, when she had not.

This was not the end of the story, though.  With the approval of Queen Aphrodite, the Queen of the good land, Major Land, Hummy keeps believing in her friendship with Seiren anyways!

Hummy Keeps Believing

She does not give up on it, even when Seiren is about to sing the Melody of Sorrow for the side of evil.

No Matter What

Seiren TearsThis belief and love starts to break through to Seiren, and the Evil King Mephisto says, “Friendship? Love? Trust? It’s all useless.”

See, this is a lie, though, and even the evil people know this.

Earlier in the episode, King Mephisto was told, “This friendship that Hummy believes in is really quite dangerous.”  Dangerous to evil, that is!

As it turned out, Hummy’s love and friendship really did get through to Seiren.  She not only turned good, but she became a PRECURE!  She became Cure Beat!

Hummy and Cure Beat

 So, which is REALLY the safer course, cynicism or innocence?

About Cure Yasashiku

I am a student of Japanese, an astrologer and a housewife. I also knit, crochet, garden and study Swedish, Latin, and Classical Greek. My 正体 (shoutai) is Cynthia Thinnes and I write for the blog, Mormor's Backporch. はじめまして。占星術師や主婦です。趣味は編み物や庭いじりです。下手でも日本語が出来ます。スウェーデン語もラテン語も勉強しています。よろしくお願いします。

5 thoughts on “Is Innocence Safe?

  1. What I guess people will say is “That’s the way it works out in kids’ stories, but not in real life”.

    Well of course sometimes people turn out good and sometimes they don’t. They have free will and they can use it or misuse it. We all know that.

    But the crabbed attitude of defensive mistrust and protective coarseness that so many people wear these days comes at a huge cost. Even if you are “right” you have coarsened your soul in the process of “protecting” it.

    Cynicism and hardness is a lose-lose proposition!

    Let’s seek out the pure souls and protect each other!

  2. Actually, it is funny, because even in this series, that is the case. Not everyone turns good…although more and more turn good (maybe everyone will at the end…I have not finished). Sometimes the characters protect those while they are evil, and have to learn to protect the good in them, while still fighting the evil.

    One thing, though, believing in the good in someone may not always help them turn good BUT, NOT believing in good things, like love and friendship ALWAYS leaves one vulnerable to the forces of evil, I think! That is the lie that the evil ones always say, “Love? Trust? Friendship? It’s all useless.” Believing THAT is a surefire way to be hurt and fooled!

    Heeee…..maybe I just said the same thing!

  3. I think a negative outlook on life is sometimes a cowardly reaction to an outcome that is perceived as negative.

    Thinking, “This didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to; therefore Dea doesn’t care about me and the world is evil,” and so forth, may demonstrate:

    1. Ungratefulness for the many other gifts and kindnesses one has received, in the sense that one chooses to acknowledge the bad but not the good.

    2. Lack of faith that things will turn out right in the end, or a distrust of Dea’s promise that they will.

    3. Hubris, in the sense that one believes that one knows better than Dea what outcome would have been for the best.

    4. Lack of fortitude.

    5. An unsound metaphysical foundation, in that one does not recognize that the manifest world is by definition the expression of duality or opposites, and that without negative events, the world would literally cease to exist.*

    I think that remembering times when one has looked back on what one once thought of as a negative outcome and said, “Gosh, I’m sure glad that didn’t turn out the way I thought I wanted it to!” can be a useful guard against a soured outlook in the future.

    With that said, I think it is also important to distinguish between a positive outlook and virtues such as prudence and justice that bid us lock our doors at night. The perfect maid, I believe, is neither cynical nor foolish.

    *As an interesting aside, this appears to be the meaning of “eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (opposites)” and being cast out of paradise (unity) into the world of manifestation (duality).

    1. Your comments are quite interesting, Miss Clover. Your comment about being unattached to the outcome of your trust is actually quite relevant to this story, as is the concept of prudence and justice.

      In the episode prior to this one, Hummy actually does do something which is the equivalent of leaving her door open and unlocked at night. The premise of the series is, in part, that both good (Major Land) and evil (Minor Land) are gathering (musical) Notes to complete the Legendary Score. The goal of Major Land is to complete the Melody of Happiness and the goal of Minor Land is to complete the Melody of Sorrow. In the episode before, Seiren tricks Hummy into believing that she has turned good, and against the advice and better judgment of the Precure girls and in complete trust of the renewed friendship, Hummy hands over all the Notes collected by the girls for Major Land to Seiren.

      In the scene that is pictured in the article, Queen Aphrodite, the Queen of Major Land, questions Hummy quite hard about handing over the Notes to Seiren. This discussion is quite intense, and Queen Aphrodite is clearly weighing and testing Hummy’s heart. After seeing just how deep Hummy’s love for Seiren went, and Hummy’s absolute conviction that Seiren was good underneath, Queen Aphrodite told Hummy that she needed to find Seiren and needed to keep believing in her. When the Precure girls question Queen Aphrodite about this decision, especially after what Seiren had done, Queen Aphrodite talks about the deep friendship between the Precure girls, and asked them what would happen if one of them went to the side of evil. The Precure girls unequivocally stated that they would go after each other as well, and they would believe in their friendship.

      Interestingly enough, Hummy does get captured by evil. King Mephisto, the King of Minor Land, puts Evil Ear Shells on Hummy. As background the Evil Ear Shells were used to make people evil (or more evil) in previous episodes. Hummy was completely impervious to them. She fell asleep, and when she woke up the Shells popped right off. Seiren told Hummy what a fool she was, that she was going to Sing the Melody of Sorrow. Hummy said that it did not matter, that they would still be together even if they were in sorrow. It was then that Seiren started to melt and to cry. At this point, King Mephisto got angry and started throwing the Evil Ear Shells at Hummy, who hunkered down with her paws on her ears while the Evil Shells were falling on her back and were becoming piled on top of her. That was when Seiren transformed to protect her and turned good.

      It was the absolute innocence, trust, love, and unattachment to the results of her love, which I believe made Hummy impervious to the influence of evil. Pretty deep for a children’s show, wouldn’t you say?

      1. This reminds me also of my favorite part of the series so far. In one of the next episodes, Seiren, who is now a girl, rather than a cat, is agonizing about whether she can still be a Precure after what she had done. She talks to Hummy, who is absolutely forgiving of Seiren, to the extent that Seiren is uncomfortable with it. Hummy asks Seiren if Seiren thinks that Hummy should be mad at her. Seiren says something along the lines of, “Yes, of course you should be mad at me.” Hummy’s response to that was to give Seiren a “mad face” for a couple of minutes and then to say, “Ok, I was mad. Now can we be friends again.”

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